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Cardinal Detecto SONARIS Touchless Sonar Stadiometer

Cardinal Detecto SONARIS Details
Easily and accurately measure patients' heights with the Cardinal Detecto SONARIS touchless sonar stadiometer. This tool uses sonar technology to measure up to 9' in height and is accurate within 1/4" or 5 mm. Its range makes it perfect for use with small children or tall adults, and its portable design is great for on-the-go health screenings. Portable or permanent, the stadiometer can mount to the wall for stationary use.

To use, simply press the power button and have the patient stand beneath the sonar arm. State-of-the-art technology automatically triangulates the position of the patient's head, calculating their height and displaying the number on the display screen. There's no button to press to start measuring or to retrieve the measurement. Once the stadiometer is powered on, it senses when there's someone to measure. Its hands-off operation enhances both the ease and sanitation of healthcare.

For easy visibility, the LCD display is backlit and shows height in feet and inches, inches, centimeters, or millimeters. It also automatically calibrates. Arriving fully assembled, this sonar stadiometer is a convenient addition to virtually any medical office. Either a 100-240V electrical connection or a set of 6 AA batteries (sold separately) is required for operation.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 5 15/16"
Depth: 3 1/2"
Height: 47 7/16"