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Cardinal Detecto PS-7 7 lb. Electronic Portion Scale


Easy-to-Use Controls
A sealed membrane keyboard helps keep moisture out, while a large LCD display and easy-to-use controls make operating this scale a breeze. It has only three buttons for tare, units of measure, and power to make operation simple. You can easily change the display to read in lb., oz., or grams to meet your specific needs.

Checkweighing Technology
To simplify weighing and ensure accuracy, this scale features weight-checking technology with display colors tied to over- and under-weight limits. The light on the screen turns red when the weight is over the limit, green when it is within the limits set, and the light turns off when the weight is under the limit.


Easy-to-Clean Design
Featuring molded construction and a lift-off platform, this digital portion scale is ideal for restaurants, cafeterias, delis, pizza parlors, and any other application where food is weighed, portioned, or dispensed! When it comes time to clean, this scale's stainless steel platform lifts right off for washing.


Accurate Measuring
This scale is accurate to 1 gram. It can weigh up to 7 lb in increments of 0.1 oz., 112 oz. in increments of 0.1 oz., 112 oz. in increments of 1/8 oz., 3000 grams in increments of 1 gram, or 7 lb. in increments of 0.005 lb., making it a great choice for sandwich shops, schools, and colleges.

Includes AC Adapter
It's also convenient to use this scale either in one place or on the go since it comes with an AC power adapter. For applications where an electrical outlet isn't readily available or when you need to move the scale from place to place.