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Cardinal Detecto FH-544F-180 5000 lb. Receiving Scale

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with 180 Indicator, Legal for Trade - 48" x 48" Platform


Cardinal Detecto FH-544F-180 Details:
Ideal for warehouses and other areas working with heavy loads, the Cardinal Detecto FH-544F-180 5000 lb. receiving scale is a great addition to everything from a grocery store to a warehouse. This scale features a low-profile design to sit on the floor of your back room so that you can easily weigh the contents of pallet jacks and other vehicles with minimal interference. The exterior and load cells are made of stainless steel, and its special flexible footing compensates for uneven floors. It also utilizes a unique channel structure for additional strength and sturdiness.

Readout Measurements:
5000 lb. x 1 lb.