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Cardinal Detecto DM15 15 lb. Digital Price Computing Scale, Legal for Trade

Cardinal Detecto DM15 Details
A great addition to everything from candy shops to hardware stores, the Detecto DM15 15 lb. price computing scale has the versatility and durability required by any growing business. This scale features a unique 240 oz. capacity by 1 oz. accuracy for precise and accurate readings. Users can program up to 99 PLUs, including 14 direct, for fast reference and to help eliminate errors. Weight, unit price, and total price are all displayed on the front and rear backlit LCD screens.

Four adjustable rubber feet provide both versatility and stability. A stainless steel platform ensures long product life, and its membrane-coated keypad makes the scale easy to use and clean. A rechargeable battery pack offers up to 120 hours of operation (if backlight is turned off), and an adapter comes standard to provide power backup in case of power loss. The scale's legal for trade classification means it is guaranteed to provide accurate, reliable measurements each time.

Perfect for weighing a wide variety of small and medium-sized goods, the Cardinal Detecto DM15 digital price computing scale instantly increases your operation's measuring capabilities.

Readout Measurement:
15 lb. x 0.005 lb.
240 oz. x .1 oz.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 13 3/8"
Depth: 13 3/8"
Height: 5"

Platform Dimensions:
Width: 12 5/8"
Depth: 9 1/16"