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Cardinal Detecto BT-1214 Ball Top Transfer for APS150, APS30, APS70, and AS-3 Series Scales

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Cardinal Detecto BT-1214 Details
Mount this Cardinal Detecto BT-1214 ball top transfer on the platform of your APS150, APS30, APS70, and AS-3 Series electronic scale to prevent potential damage caused by heavy items! In a fast paced work environment, it can be difficult to properly load and unload heavy items onto the scale and over time, repeated impacts from heavy items may damage your unit. This stainless steel ball top transfer features a roller top design to make loading and unloading easier and help extend the life of your scale - load heavy items onto the rollers and move to the other side for easier removal!

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 12"
Front to Back: 14"
Height: 1 3/8"