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Cardinal Detecto APSPB Piezo Tare Button

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Cardinal Detecto APSPB Details
Give your customers a more consistent, high-quality product while maximizing portion control and boosting your operation's efficiency with this Cardinal Detecto APSPB Piezo tare button! An excellent addition to pizzerias, delis, bakeries, and more, this invaluable tool connects to Enterprise APS series digital scales so that users can quickly build products like pizzas or sandwiches without waste. Simply assemble your food on the scale, hit the button in between ingredients to zero off the weight, and then remove the finished product to see your total weight.

This 1 1/8" tare button is not only waterproof and made of rugged stainless steel, but its Piezo touch technology also means that there are no moving parts to help ensure long-lasting performance. An integrated mounting bracket allows you to mount the button on a wall, countertop surface, or countertop side to facilitate an orderly work environment.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 3 1/4"
Depth: 3 1/4"
Height: 1 1/4"