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Cardinal Detecto APS12 160 oz. Point of Sale Scale with 6" x 10" Platform

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Cardinal Detecto APS12 Details
The Cardinal Detecto APS12 160 oz. point of sale scale is ideal for weighing beans, grains, dry ingredients, or spices in your grocery store, market, tea shop, or deli! Providing accurate readings from .1 oz. to 160 oz., this scale is legal for trade and designed for retail point of sale. The 6" x 10" platform is made of stainless steel for long lasting durability. Additionally, each scale has built-in overload stops and integrates easily with most cash register systems and PC applications. With a green LCD display and bold black 11/16" high digits, the readout on this scale is visible in almost every lighting condition. Also, the display tilts to allow for easy viewing and two buttons control zeroing, power, and units of measure for simple operation.

As part of the renowned Enterprise series, this scale is perfect for checkout areas, as a multi-purpose scale, and for controlling the weight of ingredients in a production setting. Each scale is constructed with a brushed stainless steel platform known for its durability. Adjustable leveling feet come standard to make it easy to balance the unit on any surface. The Detecto Enterprise series supports most major point of sale protocols and can be connected either through one USB-B port or three RS-232 serial ports. Each scale includes an AC adapter for power and one RS-232 serial cable to connect the scale to your register system. Accessories and features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, tower display, and remote mount are sold separately.

The Detecto APS12 and comes with a 100-240V AC wall plug-in power adapter. It is rated as Class III accuracy for commercial weighing.

Readout Measurements:
160 oz. x 0.1 oz.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 10"
Depth: 6"
Height: 3"