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Cardinal Detecto 8852F-190 1000 lb. / 440 kg.

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440 kg. Portable Digital Floor Scale with 190 Indicator and Tower Display, Legal for Trade

Cardinal Detecto 8852F-190 Details:
Revolutionize your operation's ability to quickly and accurately weigh a wide variety of product or stock with this Cardinal Detecto 8852F-190 1000 lb./440 kg. portable digital floor scale. This item features a 19" x 28" weighing platform and 1000 lb./440 kg. capacity to accommodate large loads, while the scale's innovative weight indicator boasts check weighing capabilities to compare weights within predetermined limits, ensuring that your items are all packaged and processed within an optimal weight range.

A vivid 1" tall LCD display changes colors automatically to signify an underweight reading (yellow), a perfectly weighed reading (green), or an overweight reading (red), allowing users to immediately recognize when an item has either exceeded or met the specified range. The target weights are easy to assign and can quickly be changed to meet specific product types. The indicator also features user-friendly capacitive touch keys that instantly respond to the presence of the operator's finger and eliminate the need for any opening on the keypad's front. To make sure you can measure according to international standards, this scale's display can quickly change between pounds, kilograms, ounces, and grams.

An adjustable mounting bracket can tilt the display to create a convenient viewing angle for your staff, and a bi-directional serial port allows for easy communication with a computer to enable fast tracking or recording of all measurements. For long-lasting durability, the display offers built-in protection against commonly used sharp objects such as knives or scissors, while rugged polycarbonate, water-tight construction provides superior protection in harsh environments.

Stainless steel construction ensures the unit can withstand years of high volume use, while a total of four large 5" heavy-duty rubolene casters make it easy to move from one destination to the next, such as your receiving area, storage space, or inventory room. Additionally, the scale's legal for trade classification means it is guaranteed to provide accurate, reliable measurements each time.

Readout Measurements:
1000 lb. x 0.5 lb.
440 kg x 0.2 kg.


Platform Width: 19 Inches
Platform Depth: 28 Inches
Battery Type: C
Capacity: 1,000 lb.
440 kg.
Display Type: Digital
Features: Tower Display
Increments: .2 Kilograms
.5 Pounds
Legal for Trade: Yes
Power Type: Electric
Style: Dual Reading
Type: Floor Scales