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Cardinal Detecto 4520 350 lb. Platform Bench Scale

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Cardinal Detecto 4520 Details
Ideal for smaller commercial and industrial applications, this Cardinal Detecto 4520 350 lb. platform bench scale is a quick and easy solution for weighing bulk commodities within your shipping or receiving departments. Designed to withstand an incredible amount of tough use atop the unit's 10 1/2" x 14 1/2" platform, this scale weighs every 0.25 lb. up to a full 350 lb. capacity without any loose weights and remains accurate each time.

A pair of die-cast beams are easy to read from both the front and back, while the fabricated lever system helps maintain pinpoint accuracy without the need for shifting or dropping of levers. Sturdy, durable scale construction is paired with an oven-baked finish that is smooth, yet mar-resistant. For additional protection, all the scale's functional parts are completely covered to guard against wear and tear.

Boasting the brand's time-honored reputation for precise engineering and reliable construction, the Cardinal Detecto 4520 platform bench scale guarantees both accuracy and durability for all your weight measurement needs.

Readout Measurements:
Upper Beam: 50 lb. x 0.25 lb.
Lower Beam: 300 lb. x 50 lb.

Overall Dimensions:
Platform Width: 10 1/2"
Platform Depth: 14 1/2"
Scale Height: 27"