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Cardinal Detecto 40 lb. Hanging Scoop Scale with Dual-Faced Dial and Portable Stand

Cardinal Detecto MCS40DPKT Details
Quickly and easily weigh portions of fish, fruits, vegetables, and other items with the Cardinal Detecto 40 lb. hanging scoop scale with dual-faced dial and portable stand! This scale features a two-revolution dial on both the front and back of the unit, allowing both customers and staff members to read the scale from either side of the counter. With black numbers on a white background, the measurements can be read from any distance, and the red knife blade pointer responds to new weight instantly. A heavy-duty galvanized pan is designed to withstand years of high volume use and features raised sides to keep loose items from rolling off the pan. The housing is perfectly balanced to enclose the weighing mechanism, and the hook and dial faces are easy to clean.

A 71 1/2" tall portable stand allows you to conveniently transport the unit anywhere, at any time. A square shaped base offers solid support for heavier items. For easy installation, the stand comes packaged with an eyelet bolt that makes it easy to attach to the scale's S hook. This 40 lb. scale has a 20 lb. x 2 oz. readout for ultimate reliability.

Readout Measurements:
20 lb. x 2 oz.

Overall Dimensions:
Dial Diameter: 8"
Scoop Width: 11"
Scoop Depth: 16"
Scoop Height: 5"

Stand Dimensions:
Width: 24"
Depth: 27 5/16"
Height: 71 1/2"