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Cardinal Detecto 30 lb. Solar Power Hanging Scale and Stand Kit, Legal for Trade


This Cardinal Detecto 30 lb. solar powered hanging scale is the perfect addition to your grocery store, roadside produce stand, hardware store, or farmers market! A solar powered unit means you'll never have to change any batteries, which makes this scale both cost-efficient and, since it has no buttons to press, very user-friendly. The digital display instantly gives an accurate weight and is much easier to read than a traditional dial scale.


Large Digital Display
Dial scales are a thing of the past! Digital displays are more technologically advanced and appeal to shoppers because they work instantly and are easy to read. The display on this scale is 1" high and its LCD digits can be seen at a distance. For even more convenience, this scale doesn't require calibration on a regular basis like a traditional dial scale. Simple one button operation allows you to switch from kg. to lb., or to zero the scale. The screen clearly shows what function you are currently using and also displays the solar charge status.


Legal For Trade
The Cardinal Detecto 30 lb. scale is legal for trade, meaning that your staff can calculate the purchasing price based on weight. This way, you'll be able to adjust the prices of your produce, meat, or deli items in accordance to the greater market price, ensuring that you'll never lose value or money. Plus, your customers will be assured that they're being charged fairly.


With the ability to read in either kilograms or pounds, this scale delivers pinpoint readings from 30 lb. x 0.01 lb. and 15 kg x 0.01 kg.


Stainless Steel Pan
The stainless steel pan has 3 drainage holes and wipes clean with ease - an important factor in any commercial location where food is being handled all day every day.