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Cardinal Detecto 20 lb. Hanging Scoop Scale with Double Dial and Stand Kit

Quickly and easily weigh portions of fish, fruits, vegetables, and more with the Cardinal Detecto 20 lb. hanging scoop scale with double dial and stand kit. This hanging scale boasts an 8" dual-sided dial design with a bright red pointer so that your staff or customers can read measurements from either side. A heavy-duty galvanized pan is designed to withstand years of high volume use and features raised sides to keep loose items from rolling off the pan. The housing is perfectly balanced to enclose the weighing mechanism, and the hook and dial faces are easy to clean.

For increased user convenience, this scale comes with a portable stand, which allows the scale to comfortably hang 80" above a work table or display case, but still remain within reach for convenient measurements. It offers sturdy support for use in a wide variety of applications and comes with an eyelet bolt for easy attachment to your hanging scale.

The Cardinal Detecto 20 lb. hanging scoop scale's versatile design means you can place the stand just about anywhere, including in your supermarket produce area, deli, fish market, and more.

Readout Measurements:
10 lb. x 1 oz.

Overall Dimensions:
Dial Diameter: 8"
Scoop Width: 11"
Scoop Depth: 16"
Scoop Height: 5"

Stand Dimensions:
Width: 30"
Depth: 30"
Height: 80"